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  • Enterprise spirit

    Enterprise spirit

    Red, pure, vigorous and upward

  • Our goal

    Our goal

    To create the food industry aircraft carrier, won the recognition of the society; the creation of first-class brand, first-class enterprise.

  • We faithfully fulfill our promise

    We faithfully fulfill our promise

    A red career, keep pure quality, carry forward the bold style, looking up tomorrow.


About Us

Concentration builds up high quality; innovation ushers in bright future.


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Gross Area

622 Mu (approximately 41.47 hectares )

Introduction for Our Leaders

Concentration builds up high quality; innovation ushers in bright future.

Distinctive Honors of Mr. HUANG Zhiqun (CEO):
The Ninth NPC Representative of Hunan Province
The Eleventh NPC Representative of Hunan Province
National Model Worker of Light Industries
The Third NPC Representative of Yiyang City
The Fifth NPC Representative of Yiyang City
Outstanding Young Entrepreneur of Yiyang City
' Top10 Distinguished Youth ' (Third Term) of Yiyang City
Excellent Enterprise Operator of Yiyang City
HUANG Zhiqun, male, belonging to the Han nationality, was born on October 1965, Yuanjiang.
He is a member of CPC and has obtained a Master Degree on Economy and the title of economist.
Now he has been serving as the CEO, General Manager and CPC Committee Secretary of Lameizi
Food Limited Company (Ltd.).

After graduation in 1984, he served as a member of the Municipal Industrial Committee, deputy director of the Economic and Trade Bureau and the chief clerk. However, he quitted his public
office job in 1997 and undertook the position of factory director of Yuanjiang Canning Factory which was on the verge of bankruptcy. The factory used to the provincial leading enterprise in the
food cans industry, but confronted with huge market crisis at that time. When he took over the factory, its production had been discontinued for over 5years, many things waiting to be done.
Facing with challenges, he set up the brand ' Lameizi ' with all his passion and ambition. Then Lameizi Food Limited Company was established in 1998. Since then, the company had successfully launched various products including condiments, fruit cans and fruit flesh beverage.All of them represented a famous brand. During the past 18 years, he dared to undertake tasks,
make innovation, boost development and kept hard-working in the food industry, finally found the
unique way and achieved remarkable results.


Integrity and responsibility
People Foremost
Morality First
Performance -oriented

Development History

Concentration builds up high quality; innovation ushers in bright future.
brought out the official website for Lameizi Veney Cloud Business and strongly boosted the combination of internet and e-commerce;
September 2015: The company launched 'Guozimei Mixed Fruit Cans with Yellow Peaches and Oranges' as a part of the sales strategy of large single products;
July 2015: Due to the company's needs for strategic development, new shareholders were introduced in order to accelerate the pace of accessing to capital markets;
May 2015: Hunan Lameizi Condiments Limited Company and Hunan Guozimei Beverage Limited Company were established to achieve the transformation of sales refinement strategy;
December 2014: Lameizi Food Limited Company was granted the honor of 'High-tech Enterprise';
October 2014: Hunan Taoyuan Lameizi Food Limited Company was relocated with a gross area of 220 Mu, possessing the first - class standardized factory the Spanish automatic production lines for orange cans, and become the local benchmarking enterprise;
May 2014: 'Lameizi Chili Sause' was awarded as the Industrial Featured Products of 2014, approved by China's Canned Food Association;
April 2014: the brand 'Lameizi' was selected as the Exclusive Representative Brand for Hunan's Taste, approved by Taobao (the most famous online shopping platform in China);
December 2013: the factory project in Dongkou occupied a gross area of 170 Mu with the total investment of 130 Million RMB. The annual production of this factory was supposed to be 25,000 tons chili sauce and 10,000 tons orange cans. There will also be a food processing base with a 10,000-ton refrigeration storage which is expected to go into operation in 2016;June 2013: the company invested 100 Million RMB to introduce the Tech-Long advanced beverage production equipment whose annual production reached 150,000 tons;
2011: adjusted the product structure and firstly lauched 'Frutie C'(beverage with fruit flesh in the juice) which is oriented to build the best juice brand in China; May 2011: 20 Million RMB was invested in Lameizi Food Industrial Park in Yuanjiang; the annual production of beverage with fruit flesh reached 40,000 tons; November 2011: the registered capital was modified to 84 Million RMB;
  June 2010: the second stage project of Lameizi Food Industrial Park in Yuanjiang was completed and put into production; with the investment of 120 Million RMB on the 50,000-ton project, the company possessed the automatic production lines whose annual production contained 30,000 tons chili products and 20,000 orange cans;
September 2009: acquired the Taoyuan Jinguo Food Factory and constructed it as the third production base;
 2007: our brand 'Lameizi' obtained the honor of 'Hunan Provincial Famous Brand', approved by Hunan Province Administration For Industry and Commerce;June 2007: 《Determination of total capsaicinoid content and representation of pungency degree in capsicum and its products》and《pungency degree sensory evaluation method for capsicum》initiated by our company was approved by the expert review committee of National Bureau of Standards and utilized as the national standard since March 2008;November 2007: Lameizi canned products obtained the honor of 'China's Top 10 Brands of Canned Food', approved by China's Canned Food Association;
July 2006: started the construction of Lameizi Food Industrial Park in Yuanjiang which occupied an area of 200 Mu. The first stage project built a 10,000-ton refrigeration storage with the area of 8,000 m2;
2005: renamed the company as Lameizi Food Limited Company with the registered capital of 60 Million RMB;
2003: set up regional offices throughout the country to facilitate the overall market penetration of our company and enhance our product competitiveness and market shares;
2002: obtained the honor of 'Hunan Provincial Leading Enterprise of Agriculture Industrialization';April 2002: established Hunan Lameizi Food Sales Company to bring about separation of production and sales; laid a solid foundation for the company to implement the management mode of professionalization, refinement and marketization.June 2002: acquired Shaoyang Dongkou Canning Factory and concentrated on producing commodities for exportation;
1998: established Lameizi Food Limited Company with the registered capital of 3 Million RMB;


God help those who help themselves, so we should achieve continuous self-improvement.

In accordance with international food production requirements, the factory has made GMP, SSOP,HACCP and practically implemented them in the production process.According to the supplychain management system and the principle of providing customers with extended services, thecompany has made great effort to build a strong team for quality management and providedquality assurance for the customer throughout the whole process including material purchase,production, finished product and delivery etc. The raw material base of 100,000 Mu was built onthe basis of GAP , meanwhile, being equipped with perfect quality and safety assurance systems.To meet the requirements of the international market, we also acquired international certificatesfrom third-party organizations including ISO9001: 2000, HACCP, FDA and KOSHER. Thecompany and Hunan Agricultural University jointly enacted the 'Methods for MeasuringCapsaicin and Pungency degree' and 'Sensory Evaluation Methods for Pungency Degree of Chiliand Derivative Products '. These two standards, in December 2007, have officially become thenational standards for pepper and created a precedent for the standardization of chili productionand sales.


Concentration builds up high quality; innovation ushers in bright future.