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Changsha Representative Agency, Hunan Lameizi Condiments Limited Company (Ltd.)

Address:Wankecheng Community, Fuyuan W. Rd., Kaifu Dist., Changsha City, Hunan Province
Tel:0731-8473 9448
Tel:0731-8990 9448  (Guozimei Beverage)

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  • Company Culture Commissioner /Vacancy: 1 / Deparment: General Office / Location: Yuanjiang / 2016-12-27

    Work Obligations:

    1、Responsible for the construction and implementation of company culture, specifically implement plans to carry out the company culture;
    2、Responsible for the internal and external propaganda of company culture, effectively promote the company culture;
    3、Responsible for the company's official website, manuscript writing and audit of the WeChat public platform, and generally manage the correspondent team;

    4、Write drafts for the company's red tapes, work reports, summaries, plans and the leaders’ speeches etc.;

    5、Collect the original materials of big events in the company; timely organize and compile company memorabilia;

    6、Responsible for planning internal company activities, and provide assistance to the organization and implementation;

    7、Regularly make company internal publicity column and internal journal etc.;

    8、Responsible for recording corporate-level meetings and sort out meeting summaries;

    9、Supervising the implementation of various institutions and processes;

    10、Complete other tasks assigned by the superior


    1. Passionate about paperwork with good writing capacity; fluent in official document writing; good at text organization and language expression;

    2. Have obtained an associate degree or above; having worked on company culture construction for at least 1 year; if not, the candidate should have sufficient experiences on relative text compiling such as contributing or publishing personal works;

    3、Proficient in using Microsoft software;

    4、Have strong learning ability, strong sense of service and modest attitude; obey job arrangement; keep healthy physical conditions to normally complete work obligations.

  • ELV (Extra low voltage/Weak Electricity) Engineer /Vacancy: 1 / Deparment: Production Department / Location:Yiyang / 2016-08-18

    Work Obligations:

    1. Responsible for daily maintenance of equipments related to the latter engineering of ELV project and ensure its normal operation;
    2. Be able to independently deal with the sudden breakdowns of each system; actively cooperate with the site staff for the solution of engineering processes;
    3. Product engineering maintenance data; sort and file these materials.


    1.Have obtained at least one associate degree or above, on electrical engineering, automation, electromechanical engineering or any other relative majors;
    2. Have worked on electrical engineering, electrical instrument maintenance for at least 5 years; have managerial experience for over 3 years;  
    3. Familiar with both strong and weak electricity engineering project design; possess a solid foundation on electrical professional knowledge.

Join us and embrace a brighter future!