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Hunan Guozimei Beverage Limited Company (Ltd.)
Full namePostTelephoneResponsible for regional
Wang XiaojunProvincial Manager+86-18972387088

Anhui Province, Sichuan Province

Zhou zhengProvincial Manager+86-13739067186Henan Province
Xu CanProvincial Manager+86-13975154589

Guangdong Province, Hainan Province

Yao WenxueSales Manager+86-15907217373Jiangxi Province
 Zhu LijunProvincial Manager+86-15873163878

Yunnan Province, Guizhou Province, Guangxi Province

Chen YongSales Manager+86-18711072967Hunan Province
Yao YaoSales Manager+86-13476278707Hubei Province
Zeng BirongSales Manager+86-18711050912KA system
Lameizi Food Limited Company (Ltd.)
NamePostTelephoneResponsible for regional
Chen kaiProvincial Manager+86-15974254200Hunan Province
Fang QinProvincial Manager+86-13618638396Hubei Province
Cao LianProvincial Manager+86-18711097036Guangxi Province
Lin XinzhuangProvincial Manager+86-18037812913Henan Province
Xie YunjunProvincial Manager+86-13548760429Anhui Province
Li JiaProvincial Manager+86-18711076203Fujian  Province
Xie JinguangProvincial Manager+86-13308427516jiangsu Province
Cai BinProvincial Manager+86-15111303733Jiangxi Province
Chen JinweiProvincial Manager+86-13907338081Zhejiang Province
Huang WeiboProvincial Manager+86-18711082950Shanxi Province
Zhang ChangjiangProvincial Manager+86-13873153297Shandong Province  、Hebei  Province
Wang KaimingProvincial Manager+86-13873146210Sichuan Province  、Chongqing Province  
Zhu LijunProvincial Manager+86-15873163878Yunnan Province 、Guizhou Province
Huang JingsaiProvincial Manager+86-13687374688Shanghai 、Suzhou
Xu CanProvincial Manager+86-13975154589Guangdong Province 、Hainan Province
 Wan JiaxinProvincial Manager+86-13607488484Beijing、Tianjing、Neimenggu
 Long YingshiProvincial Manager+86-13842053688Heilongjiang Province 、Jiling Province 、Liaoning                 Province
Peng YaweiProvincial Manager+86-15074888444Shanxi Province 、Gansu Province 、Qinghai Province 、
 Ningxia Province 、Xinjiang Province 、Tibet
Zeng BirongSales Manager+86-18711050912KA system

Join & Investment

For accomplishment of a century brand, for achievement of a ten-billions enterprise.

Benefiting from full supports from our headquarter, you can take advantage of our powerful brand appeal, directly apply the mature business mode of Lameizi with the help of strong brand advertising campaigns and product advantages so that you can quickly activate your regional market. We sincerely invite all business elites who possess excellent marketing capacities and executive forces to join in our agents. You deserve your own wealth kingdom!

Corporation Mode

 Regional Agents
Chain Joining Franchisees
Group-buying Franchisees

Requirements for Regional Agents:

1. Independent legal corporate capacity and general taxpayer qualification;
2. Fixed office space for operation;
3. Sufficient capacity of goods delivery;
4. Certain financial strength and sales network; familiar with the operation of beverage and condiment products;
5. Full-time sales staff on market operation;
6. A strong sense of brand awareness;
7. Agree with our company culture and business principles.

Requirements for Chain Joining Franchisees

1. Ambitious for personal wealth;
2. Possess certain social resources;
3. Agree with our company culture and business principles.

Requirements for Franchisees

1. Agree with our company operation ideas and sincerely devote yourselves to the development of food industry;
2. Sufficient financial strength and capacities on business, administration and coordination;
3. Possess as least one commercial shop for the chain joining store (with a good location, an area of over 40 m2 and clear property rights);
4. At least 3 operation personnel including a manager, a casher and a shopping guide;
5. Location at business center in the downtown area;
6. At least 3 pieces for every single items while purchasing for the first time;
7. Annual sales volume over 150,000 RMB.

Our support

(Policies, advertisements, trainings and administration)
1、Uniform VI (visual identity) image design for the store;
2、Security and Supply Systems for brand, management and logistics etc.;
3、Products price list and sales order;
4、Professional trainings on sales skills;
5、If products are overstocked due to quality problems, the company is responsible for returning the good after the owner's timely application for product change.

Joining Policies

Our business manager will take the market features into account and give you detailed suggestions via in-person communication. For further information please call 400-188-9448.


After-sales services

Whole-staff services

Acceptance of Customer Complaints

When any customer complaints received, the company has to apologize or express gratitude to customers, inform them that we will reply as soon as possible. Meanwhile the information should be passed to the complaints commissioner at the first time. After receiving complaints from customers in different channels, the complaint commissioner or the sales personnel should generally invest the customer's request and confirm the reasons as well as fill in the 'Customer Complaint Acceptance Form' in time with accurate record of the customer information such as contact information, product specifications, coding information, content of complaints and other necessary items that cannot be omitted. Then immediate follow-up solutions should be carried out.

Customer Complaint Handling

We should deal with complaints according to 'Product Quality Law of People's Republic of China', 'Consumer Protection Law of People's Republic of China' and other relevant laws and regulation. If some certain problems are beyond our responsibility, we should clearly inform the customer. If we cannot immediately reply to the customer, we should give a responsible answer based on the facts after investigation. If frontline salesman or franchisers receive any customer complaint, they should understand the specific situation firstly and immediately deal with the complaint which belongs to their right scope. After that they should fill in 'Complaint Handling Form', signed their signature and filed relative documents. For any case that involves cash compensation, or customer's requirements have beyond your right scope, you have to consult the complaint commissioner or the superior manager, and explain to customers at the same time. Then you should inform the customer as soon as the solutions being put forward.

Channels for Customer Complaints

For complaints received from the product service hotline telephone 4001-889-448 or 0731-8473944, the complaint commissioner should communicate with the customer by telephone and put forward handling opinions to get the customer's recognition. If successful, the complaint commissioner should immediately inform the local sales manager to contact the customer and solve the problem with the approved solution. If the telephone communication reaches no agreement, the after-sale service commissioner should arrange local business personnel to contact the customer in-personally and understand more details about the situation until both sides come to a consensus.
If serious complaints have not got a final solution in excess of the prescribed time limit, or complaints that involve an indemnity over 2000 RMB, or potential risk of mass complaints, the complaint commissioner, sales manager or business manager should arrive at the customer's location to deal with the complaint. If necessary, the branch company leader should also be responsible for on-site coordination.
If the complaint on product quality is caused by batch quality accident (the total amount of products exceeds 100), it should be directly reported to the vice president of the company who is in charge of arranging the after-sale service personnel to deal with the complaint. Relative staff in the factory should contact the customer and sales personnel at the first time after receiving instruction. They should also arrive at the customer's location when necessary and make proper solutions according to the actual complaint situation. If the planned solutions are approved by the branch company leader, the factory should be responsible for the implementation with the assistance of sales personnel.
If there are irreconcilable differences in handling complaints, customer is advised to adopt external review processes such as consumer's association, arbitration, judicial, etc.

Time Limit for Customer Complaints Handling

The time limit for customer complaints handling shall not exceed 3 workdays from the acceptance date; if any exceptional case, the time limit is 7 workdays from the acceptance date.After the sales manager receives customer complaints from the complaint commissioner, the complaint should be reported to the regional sales manager who arranges sales personnel to visit the customer for in-personal negotiation within 24 hours. If exceeding the time limit of 24 hours due to work-related reasons, the sales personnel should immediately contact the customer by telephone and explain about specifications, contract the next negotiation time and ask for the customer's understanding. For cases that may cause mass complaints or involve an indemnity over 2,000 RMB, the complaint commissioner and the sales manager should arrive at the customer's location within 24 hours, while under special circumstances the time limit shall not exceed 48 hours.For complaints on batch product quality, the after-sales service team in the factory should contact the customer at the first time. If on-site handling needed, they should arrive within 24 hours, while under special circumstances the time limit shall not exceed 48 hours.